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Devin Sport 0.75l


1.47 €/l

Block of products: 6 pcs

Block volume: 4.5 l

The regular price of the block in the e-shop: €6.00 + €0.60 DEPOSIT

Regular price of the bottle in the e-shop: €1.00 + €0.10 DEPOSIT

Devin Water2Go is alkaline mineral water in a sports bottle. Thanks to the innovative cap system, water does not drip or spill if the cap remains open.

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100% naturally alkaline mineral water with low mineral content, suitable for daily consumption. Clean and mild taste. The water comes from an ecologically clean area in the Rhodope Mountains. It tastes especially nice at room temperature.

Packaged in bottles with reduced plastic content. From 2021, Devin bottles are CO2 neutral.

Na 55.91 SO4 19.75
Ca 1.30 CO3 30.01
K 0.68 HCO3 64.07
F 3.69 H2SiO3 42.97
Cl 2.90

Total mineral content 226 mg/l

Naturally pH 9.56

Contains natural fluoride typical of mineral water. If you consume mineral water on a daily basis, you should reduce the consumption of other fluoride-containing products (toothpaste, fluoride-containing foods, etc.).

Weight 5 kg


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