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Devin Air 1.5l


Bottles in package: 6 piece

Package volume: 9 litres

Price per bottle: 1,50 EUR

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Devin AIR is natural mineral water with soft and balanced taste and added delicate natural carbonation. Developed in cooperation with one of the most famous Bulgarian chefs – Viktor Angelov, and the further support of professional sommeliers. The product has undergone a series of combined tastings and became the lightest compliment to your meal. The magic of Devin Air is in the natural bubbles with a neutral taste that gently tickle your palate, preparing you for the next tasty bite. The unique mineral content of the water gives its soft and velvety taste. The added carbonation of natural origin imbues refreshment and delicacy. Devin AIR, spreading the pleasure of the bubbles, is great compliment to any menu and turns the meals into special moments.

Na 55.91 F 3.69
Ca 1.30 Cl 2.90
K 0.68 SO4 19.75
CO3 30.01
HCO3 64.07
H2SiO3 42.97
Mineral content 226 mg/l
Decarbonated pH 9,56
Weight 5 kg


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