Discover the bubbly ingredients of Devin Air

Devin mineral carbonated water is created with the cooperation of some of the best fine dining experts and impresses with its delicate perlage that gently tickles the taste buds while eating.


Devin AIR carbonation level is extremely delicate and pleasantly tickles your palate. The fine natural bubbles with a neutral taste gently neutralize your taste buds, preparing them for the next tasty bite.


The mineral water used in the sparkling formula of Devin AIR has extreme softness and balanced taste. Its alkaline character, with pH level above 9, soothes digestion and favors the proper body balance.

Natural origin

The natural carbonation of Devin Air is extracted from an ecologically clean region, from a depth of 1700 meters. The fine natural carbonation of Devin AIR makes it suitable both for everyday use and for special occasions.

Natural mineral water + added natural bubbles = Devin Air

Na 55.91F  3.69
Ca 1.30Cl 2.90
K 0.68SO4 19.75
 CO3 < 30.01
 HCO3 < 64.07
H2SiO3 42.97
Overall mineralization 226 mg/l
Originally pH 9.56
Devin Air