Alkaline mineral water from the Rhodope Mountains

Devin mineral water comes from a spring called Devin Sondazh 5 in the town of Devin in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria.

Devin 0.5l mineraalvesi

An excitingly intriguing sparkling water

Natural gas extracted from the earth's crust from a depth of 1,700 m has been added to the naturally alkaline mineral water, resulting in a healthy drink with fine bubbles.

Devin Air mineraalvesi 0.5l

Alkaline mineral water in a sports bottle

Devin Water2Go is alkaline mineral water in a sports bottle. Thanks to the innovative cap system, water does not drip or spill if the cap remains open.

Devin Sport 0.75l
Natural alkaline mineral water
0 pH
Total mineral content
0 mg/l
CO2 neutral
0 %

Devin 0.5l


Devin 1.5l


Devin Air 0.5l


How do tap water and alkaline mineral water differ?

Tap water, often sourced from surface water such as lakes, undergoes chemical treatments to ensure it’s safe for consumption. Conversely, natural mineral water is innately pure and drinkable, thereby eliminating the need for chemical treatments. If needed, it might merely be subjected to mechanical filtration prior to bottling.

Why is consuming alkaline water beneficial?

Consuming alkaline water is advisable due to its potential health benefits, largely stemming from its role in maintaining the body’s pH balance. Acidic substances can have detrimental effects on various bodily functions, including nutrient absorption, cell regeneration, enzyme and hormone production, and digestion. They can also impact the condition of the bones and teeth. The body attempts to counterbalance excessive acidity by drawing on alkaline minerals present in bones and tissues, which can, over time, weaken the body’s overall health.

Where can Devin Alkaline Water be sourced?

Devin Alkaline Water originates from the Devin Spring, nestled in the town of Devin, situated in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria. This water is extracted from a natural underground aquifer renowned for its high mineral concentration and elevated alkaline pH levels. For centuries, the Devin Spring has been a cherished source of natural water within Bulgaria.

Rhodope Mountains

The Devin mineral water originates from Bulgaria, specifically from the Devin Sondazh 5 spring located in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains in the small town of Devin.

Soft and mild taste

The soft and mild taste of Devin mineral water, due to its alkalinity, is best expressed when consumed at room temperature.

Not artificially modified

The Devin mineral water reaches the surface at 44 degrees and is bottled in its untreated form at the same temperature.

Naturally pH 9.56

A 100% naturally alkaline mineral water with a low mineral content, suitable for daily consumption.

From an ecologically clean area