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Devin 0.5l


Bottles in package: 12 pc

Package volume: 6 l

Price per block: 9 € + 1,20 € deposit packaging

Price per bottle: 0,75 € + 0,10 € deposit packaging

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At the very heart of the Rhodope Mountains, a land of magic and uncontaminated beauty, Devin Mineral is sourced from depth of 700m pure and fresh, unveiling its uniqueness and velvety taste.

With its low minerals content and high pH level, Devin Mineral is suitable for people who have active lifestyle. It provides all the minerals you need, and ensures body healthy hydration in your busy everyday life.



Na 55.91 F 3.69
Ca 1.30 Cl 2.90
K 0.68 SO4 19.75
CO3 30.01
HCO3 64.07
H2SiO3 42.97
Mineral content 226 mg/l
pH 9,56
Weight 5 kg

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