Pure origin, unique mineral composition, proven quality

Devin mineral water differs from other brands on the market because of it’s naturally high pH level and it’s mineral content.     

Natural mineral water from ecologically clean region in the Rhodope mountains

At the very heart of the Rhodope Mountains, a land of magic and uncontaminated beauty, Devin Mineral is sourced from depth of 700m pure and fresh, unveiling its uniqueness and velvety taste.The source and the bottling facility are based in the ecologically clean and pure region of Devin.

The minerals required for you active and dynamic lifestyle, for sports and intense intellectual work 

With its low levels of mineralization and high pH level, Devin Mineral is suitable for people who have active lifestyle. It provides all the minerals you need, and ensures body healthy hydration in your busy everyday life.

Devin is packed in bottles with a reduced plastics content. Less plastics = better nature.

100% natural mineral content

100% naturally alkaline

Zero calories

Zero sugars


Na 55.91F 3.69
Ca 1.30Cl 2.90
K 0.68SO4 19.75
 CO3 30.01
 HCO3 64.07
H2SiO3 42.97
Overall mineralization 226 mg/l
pH 9,56
Devin aluseline mineraalvesi

Devin 0.5l


Devin 1.5l